About the site

As with all of the sciences, we are always looking to advance our knowledge and move that bit further. Computer science and technology is the same. There are constantly new developments and updates, every day it seems – just take the number of updates your smartphone or iPad requires. This site is about introducing you to new developments in advanced computational technology. We will look at technology for use in business and industry, robotics, space and any other applications we discover. Want to know about race car technology? Then keep visiting the site. Medicine is also an area where advanced computational technology has had an impact, changing the way we do operations and assessments, we will explore the hows and whys of this. Keeping up to date with the constant stream of development can be difficult – just the language can be confusing. This blog is about disseminating the information and giving the clearest description of what the technology is all about and about the companies who are developing and using them. Have any questions or insights into modern computational technology? Then please join in any discussion, your contributions will be welcome.

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