What is Advanced Computational Technology?

Advanced computational technology is not a term many people hear often. Yet it is through these technologies that society is speeding up, transporting humans, goods and services faster, all-in-all increasing productivity. There is no doubt that as computers become more complex, we are able to fuss less with the practicalities and focus on the detail. Advanced computational technology is the innovative part at the cutting edge of computer science that deals with software development. It is the realm of algorithms and predictive behavioural patterns. The study of these algorithms has meant improvements in software design and the ability for computers to streamline ever more complex data structures. And least known to the commuters of the London ‘Tube’, it’s the technological innovations that make London Underground Work. From the running of the extended escalator systems; to the use of apps that keep commuters informed of delays; to the new ‘Oyster’ travel cards, that use chipped RFID cards to identify travellers. This huge network of data movement and management is all possible due to how far technology has come, as computers are able to take on more complex tasks at faster speeds.

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