Artificial Intelligence Overview: What it Could Mean For Our World

Many of the headline companies in the field of telecommunications and computer technologies have started researching into the future of Artificial Intelligence. Many also think that 2017 will be the year for A.I. When we look at the artificial intelligence overview, we can see three major companies showing great interest in researching A.I. For example, Google invests in A.I for many different purposes and perhaps more than all the other major companies. Google’s self-driving car project has generated more attention to A.I., but current features in Google Apps may potentially add up to an even bigger impact. Another example is Microsoft. They have shared some of their latest progress and achievements in A.I. These achievements had a specific focus on conversational computing. The company has invested in A.I. for 25 years and says that it is determined to bring new technologies to consumers, developers, and businesses in 2017. Apple and Facebook have also invested heavily in researching and developing A.I. According to Facebook’s head of A.I. research, health care services and transportation will be the first industries to be totally transformed. The artificial intelligence overview of 2016 was very interesting, and many expect that 2017 will surpass all the achievements and bring new and exciting innovations.

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