Is There A Danger to Computer Simulation Software?

Computer simulation software is no longer in the domain of engineers and scientists hunched over supercomputers pushing art. Microprocessors are becoming faster and smaller making it possible for the home PC user to harness the power of an advanced simulator. Some simulators you will find in homes today include – • Flight simulators with enhanced realism, graphical capabilities and even realistic-looking flight controls. • Sociological game simulators. • 3-Dimensional walk-around simulations that allow participants to explore 3-D worlds while attacking all types of evil creatures. Although most of these simulations still fall into the category of entertainment and gaming software, they are certainly not limited to just that. There are PC software solutions that are less entertainment related that can, for example, make forecasts in the business world. Even predicting the weather is now possible via a computer. However, the threat from simulation software could be more serious than you perceived. Some of the influences on daily lives include – • The likelihood of changing social behaviour where people become more detached from relatives, neighbours and community members. • They could lead to a dangerous false perception of reality. • May even escalate a false sense of an individual’s capabilities. In fact, currently, there are billionaires searching to see if we are living in reality or a computer simulation! Even television shows and movies have delved into exploring what the world of computer simulation software means for humans. On the one hand, the software is portrayed as a key instrument in society, while on the other; it is what drives to social destruction. All in all, society will certainly get to a point where we will have to confront these issues on a grander scale.

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