Robotics research topics: To the Moon and Beyond

Humans beware! Robots are set to take over and leave you without a job – and now to the moon and beyond is part of the agenda. Robotics research topics include looking at how robots, from domestic or household robots such as robotic vacuum cleaners and robotic pool cleaners to industrial robots, will play a role in society in the future. There are global leaders in robotics research who work on robotics research topics and are looking at robots who will play a major role. These planetary robots will be involved in the likes of remote exploration. You can just imagine, though, that with robots taking over, precision control is going to be critical as this will enable robots to move in safe but also predictable ways. Already, NASA has launched the first test flight of Orion, propelled to an altitude about 15 times higher than the International Space Station, returning from the Moon successfully. The success of the mission provides the chance to revitalise a human and robotic exploration program to the moon & beyond.

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