Service Robotics -From Science Fiction to Reality

What was once reserved for the pages of sci-fi books and movie reels is now becoming a reality that is set to hit every retail shop all over the world. Consider this all too common scenario: you make a quick dash to the local hardware shop for a part, but end up spending more than an hour going up and down the aisle searching for the right screw. Your cries for assistance go unanswered before you finally give up and walk out empty-handed. As common as this scenario is, service robotics technology is here today to save the day. The robots, fitted with 3D cameras for scanning and identification of items, can take a look at the sample you have in hand and lead you down the aisle to the exact replacement screw. In addition, you can research items available in the shop on the robot’s screen before you make that final decision. Don’t have enough money to buy an alternative part, simply apply online,or try a text loan to make your purchases. And you do all these without driving out of the shop and spending endless hours looking for fast cash. Service robotics are helping retailers speed up your shopping experience, but it is not yet clear whether they will have an impact on the traditional retail jobs.

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